Worker: How to Increase Personal Effectiveness & Qualites?

“The first and most important step towards success is the feeling that we can succeed.”

By Taidin Suhaimin
1. Know Your Own Self Know yourself; your strengths and weaknesses
By improving on your weaknesses and play on your strengths, you are in effect enhancing your personal effectiveness. So, get to know what you are really good at – your talents. Exploit them. Make the best out of them. Make full use of these very important assets of yours.
2. Develop Better Self-Concept, Right knowledge and Skills
Developing better self-concept is a prerequisite to self-effectiveness and self-excellence. Your self concept infl uences your mindset and attitudes. Your attitude infl uences your behaviours. Your behaviours in turn develop your habits. Positive habits lead to effectiveness and success. And, negative habits lead to destructions and failures. Your self-concept includes your social character or abilities, your physical appearance – your body image and your thinking. Better self-concept also means that you accept the fact that you must have the right knowledge and skills to be effective and successful in whatever you do.
4. Set Crystal Clear Goals You become what you think
By setting clear goals (for this world and the hereafter) you will be more determined and focused. You will feel more confi dent and successful. So, set positive and crystal clear goals professionally and personally. Write your goals down. Develop action plans to achieve your goals. Focus your time and efforts on achieving your goals.
5. Get Better Organized
Clutters are time wasters and source of stress. So, get organized. Organize your thinking. Organize your life. Organize your home. Organize your workplace. Always do the most important fi rst. Delegate when and where necessary.
6. Enhance Your Financial Literacy
Spend less than what you earn. Have a smart saving and smart investment programmes. At least 30% of your monthly income shall be put into saving. The money that you save, grows. So, earn more and save more!
7. Improve your Interpersonal Skills
Miscommunication can lead to confl icts. You need people co-operation and support to be more successful in your career and life. So, improve your people skills.
8. Develop a Team Leadership Skills
None of us is better than all of us. Together everybody achieves more. So, improve your team leadership skills. Get better and better at those. Remember, the most successful people in the entire history of human beings are excellent team builders.
9. Take Care of Your Health
Get always healthy and alert. Take nutritious foods. Exercise regularly. Achieve maximum fi tness and strength. Detox – Eliminate Internal Waste. Don’t smoke. It can cause lung cancer. Stop Smoking. Drink a minimum of 2.5 litre of water everyday. You must have adequate and restful sleep.
10. Keep Learning & Improving Yourself
One of the main reasons why people fail is that they stop learning. Hence, it is highlyimportant for you even if you are not taking anyexamination anymore to keep learning. Stephen Covey suggests that we should in fact read at least 8 books monthly!

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