Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Anda dipanggil exam PSEE SPA bulan ni? So, tengah cari contoh soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris la ni kan? Yup, anda sampai ke tempat yang betul. Baca sampai habis perkongsian ni dan tumpukan perhatian anda sepenuhnya.

Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Boleh jadi artikel ini merupakan titik tolak yang bakal merubah masa hadapan anda utk selama-lamanya. Siapa tahu kan..

Perhatian kepada calon-calon PSEE Penolong Pegawai Penguatkuasa KP29 bagi ambilan Kementerian Dalam Negeri pada 10 Februari 2022 (jam 2:00 petang – 3:00 petang). Contoh soalan SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris dalam post ini adalah kurang sesuai untuk anda jadikan rujukan. Bahan latih tubi dan ulangkaji yg lebih sesuai utk Gred KP29 boleh anda dapatkan di contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Pegawai Penguatkuasa KP29.

Perkongsian ini mengandungi 10 contoh soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris (Comprehension) dan 7 contoh soalan SPA Online kefahaman bahasa Inggeris (Grammar). Bagi menambahkan lagi pemahaman anda terhadap seksyen ini.

Untuk makluman calon yang baru pertama kali menduduki peperiksaan online memasuki perkhidmatan awam atau lebih dikenali sebagai PSEE. Bermula tahun 2019 dan akan diteruskan untuk tahun 2022 ni. Ada seksyen baru berkaitan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris. Ramai yang ‘gentar’ dengan seksyen ni. Tidak kurang juga yang ‘kecut perut’ selepas mendengar SPA mengumumkan perkara ini.

Sebenarnya tak susah, kalau anda tahu macam mana ianya dinilai dan disoal. Yang susahnya, hanya bila x tahu saja.

Semakan Penjadualan Peperiksaan Online SPA

Semakan penjadualan peperiksaan online SPA boleh dibuat dengan melayari:

Facebook SPA:


Portal SPA :

Pihak SPA akan mengeluarkan makluman mengenai jadual ujian psikometrik / peperiksaan online / penjadualan temuduga terkini menggunakan kedua-dua saluran di atas. Di samping menghantar emel panggilan kepada calon yang layak.

Antara Madu Dan Racun Di Dalam Seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Kami faham betapa hepinya anda apabila dipanggil ke peperiksaan online SPA. Dalam hati berkata ‘mungkinkah aku akan berjaya kali ni‘ atau ‘ah.. aku mesti lepas kali ni‘. Panggilan exam tu ibarat diberikan madu yang manis rasanya. Maklumlah ini da kali ke-3 anda duduk peperiksaan online SPA. Sampai da naik jemu.

Penting untuk anda tahu. Seksyen A adalah berkaitan Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah, yg nak ulangkaji mengenai seksyen A, sila baca contoh soalan SPA Online Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah ini. Tapi awas, Seksyen B kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ada ‘racunnya‘.

Satu lagi seksyen yang sering dilupakan adalah seksyen Pengetahuan Am. Ini kerana tidak banyak jawatan yang mengandungi seksyen ini. Jika anda ada seksyen ini dalam panggilan exam, sila baca contoh soalan SPA Online Pengetahuan Am. Moga ada kebaikannya.

Pecahan Dalam Pecahan

Dalam kebanyakan PSEE, biasanya ada dua seksyen utama. Iaitu seksyen A dan B. Seksyen A ialah Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah. Seksyen B ialah Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris.

Seksyen B inilah yang dikenali sebagai seksyen ‘killer’. Anda bernasib baik kerana memang inilah yang akan kita bincangkan pada hari ini.

Sekali imbas, kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris hanya sekadar 1 seksyen, tak lebih daripada itu.


Tahukah anda, bahawasanya terdapat 2 lagi pecahan tersembunyi dalam seksyen B ini? Inilah yang kami panggil sebagai ‘pecahan dalam pecahan‘.

PECAHAN 1: Pengertian Dan Kefahaman Esei Bahasa Inggeris

Anda akan diberikan petikan dalam bahasa Inggeris. Macam esei ringkas lah. Kemudian, diikuti oleh 5 hingga 10 soalan kefahaman (comprehension). Ada pilihan jawapan (A,B,C,D)

Teknik Menjawab Pecahan 1

  • Baca soalan-soalan terlebih dahulu, jadi anda tahu apa jawapan yang nak dicari. Bukan baca petikan!
  • Kemudian, barulah baca esesi yang diberikan, dan cari jawapan.
  • Jangan baca esei dulu, kalau tak anda rugi masa. Kalau ada masa tambahan nanti baru anda baca semula petikan
  • Fokus untuk habiskan jawab soalan dulu pada peringkat awal ini.

Bagi menambahkan lagi kefahaman anda, kami berikan contoh soalan SPA Online jenis Comprehension (pecahan 1) di bawah. Cuba cari sendiri jawapannya. Sebagai latih tubi anda.

Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE : Comprehension

Read the following paragraphs to answer the next seven questions (Questions 1 – 5).

The existence of more than two million foreign immigrants (both legal and illegal) causes major concern of certain parties in the nation. The labor sector for example is monopolized by foreign workers including construction works, house maids, production lines, field work, agriculture and services. The increasing number of incoming immigrants implicates many things.

On the positive side, there are benefits of having foreign laborers. Among the benefits of foreign labor is how cheap they are. With reduced labor costs, it will eventually result in lower production costs. Foreign laborers are also considered productive an efficient as they are known not to complain much.

Furthermore, they are considered robust with their willingness to do a multitudes general works which are otherwise considered dirty, dangerous and require a great amount of strength.

In addition, foreign workers are known to have contributed to the Nation’s development. They also help with the public elections. In the long run, foreign immigrants help with the diplomatic relations between countries. Despite all the benefits mentioned, foreign labor is known to cause a lot of problems. With general labor works and services being monopolized by foreign workers, the job market is severely limited for Malaysians to even consider. At times, proper documents are absent for these foreigners which results in numerous issues later on. Furthermore, a lot of foreign workers comprise of incompetent human resource, restricting them to only perform general works or typical labor i.e. cleaning.

With the influx of immigrants, it is difficult to keep track; arising certain issues such as the laborers’ welfare, etc. are usually caught in disregard. This is evident with cases of physical abuse of foreign maids for example. Implications are further evident with the involvement of crime, prostitution and drug trafficking by foreign immigrants. What’s worse is the existence of middlemen, job agencies and corrupt government officials who are simply irresponsible with so many immigrants that are not accounted for.

In conclusion, it can be said that the existence of foreign immigrants have its benefits and as well as downsides. However, the peace and prosperity of our nation must be well-balanced and maintained in order to address this issue.

1. The categories below are jobs commonly monopoly by foreign workers except

A. House Maids
B. Agriculture
C. Construction
D. Executive

2. What are the qualities most love by employers when it comes to foreign immigrants?

A. Picking jobs
B. Adaptable to different general works
C. Inefficient
D. posses high academic

  1. Below are major issues concerning foreign labor except

A. Monopolizing labor jobs
B. Illegal entries into the country
C. Limited education level
D. High wage

  1. With influx of immigrants the following problems arise

I. Disregard of labor welfare
II. Increase in crime rate
III. Improve diplomatic relations
IV. Increase production cost

A. I & II
D. All above

  1. Which is the “least” culprit for creating influx of immigrants

A. Middlemen
B. Immigrants
C. Corrupt government officials
D. Job agencies

Read the following paragraphs to answer the next three questions (Questions 6 – 10).

The subject which I have to discuss here is so complex, it raises so many questions of all kinds, difficult, obscure, some psychological, others physiological and metaphysical; in order to be treated in a complete manner it requires such a long development, so I shall go at once to the heart of the question. A dream is this: I perceive objects, but there is nothing there. I see people; I seem to speak to them and I hear what they answer, but there is no one there and I have not really spoken. It is just as if real things and real people were there, but on waking all has disappeared. How does this happen?

But, first, is it true that there is nothing there? I mean, is there any sense material presented to our eyes, to our ears, to our touch, etc., during sleep as well as during waking?

Close the eyes and look attentively at what goes on in the field of our vision. Many people questioned on this point would say that nothing goes on, that they see nothing. This is not surprising, for a certain amount of practice is necessary to be able to observe oneself satisfactorily. But just give the requisite amount of attention, and you will distinguish, little by little, many things. First, in general, a black background. Upon this black background occasionally brilliant points which come and go, rising and descending, slowly and sedately. More often, spots of many colors, sometimes very dull, sometimes, with certain people, so brilliant that reality cannot compare with it. These spots spread and shrink, changing form and color, constantly displacing one another. Sometimes the change is slow and gradual; sometimes again it is a whirlwind of vertiginous rapidity. Where does all this come from? The physiologists and the psychologists have studied this play of colors and have given the names “ocular spectra,” “colored spots,” and “phosphenes” to the phenomenon. They explain it either by the slight modifications which occur ceaselessly in the retinal circulation, or by the pressure that the closed lid exerts upon the eyeball, causing a mechanical excitation of the optic nerve. But the explanation of the phenomenon and the name that is given to it is not what is important here. It occurs universally and it constitutes, I believe, the principal material of which we shape our dreams.

The American psychologist Professor Henry Ladd has devised a rigorous method of testing this hypothesis. It consists in acquiring the habit on awakening in the morning of keeping the eyes closed and retaining for some minutes the dream that is fading from the field of vision and soon would doubtless have faded from that of memory. Then one sees the figures and objects of the dream melt away little by little into phosphenes, identifying themselves with the colored spots that the eye really perceives when the lids are closed. One reads, for example, a newspaper; that is the dream. One awakens and there remains of the newspaper, whose definite outlines are erased, only a white spot with black marks here and there; that is the reality. Or our dream takes us upon the open sea—round about us the ocean spreads its waves of yellowish gray with here and there a crown of white foam. On awakening, it is all lost in a great spot, half yellow and half gray, sown with brilliant points. The spot was there, the brilliant points were there. There was really presented to our perceptions, in sleep, a visual dust, and it was this dust which served for the fabrication of our dreams.

Will this alone suffice? Still considering the sensation of sight, we ought to add to these visual sensations which we may call internal all those which continue to come to us from an external source. The eyes, when closed, still distinguish light from shade, and even, to a certain extent, different lights from one another. These sensations of light, emanating from without, are at the bottom of many of our dreams. A candle abruptly lighted in the room will, for example, suggest to the sleeper, if his slumber is not too deep, a dream dominated by the image of fire, the idea of a burning building. Such are often the dreams provoked by a bright and sudden light.

I have spoken of visual sensations. They are the principal ones. But the auditory sensations nevertheless play a role. First, the ear has also its internal sensations, sensations of buzzing, of tinkling, of whistling, difficult to isolate and to perceive while awake, but which are clearly distinguished in sleep. Besides that we continue, when once asleep, to hear external sounds that the dream converts, according to circumstances, into conversation, singing, cries, music, etc. But let us hasten to say that sounds do not play in our dreams so important a role as colors. Our dreams are, above all, visual.

6) What aspect of the author’s theory does Professor Ladd’s work attempt to verify?

A. How long a dreamer can remember the visual images of his dream upon waking up.
B. The varying intensity of the different colors seen in dreams.
C. The different sources of black and white and colored phosphenes.
D. The degree of correspondence between dream images and the phosphenes that are seen upon waking.

7) The passage suggests that the relationship between phosphenes and dreams is that

A. the brain simultaneously creates dream images and phosphenes from the same external sensory information.
B. phosphenes are formed when the brain simplifies the dream images it has created.
C. phosphenes provide the basic forms that the brain transforms into dream images.
D. dream images are created from an internal source while phosphenes are created from external sources.

8) The author states that even though most of our dream images come from internal sources

A. external sources also exert a continual influence on our dreams.
B. light can also influence what we see in our dreams.
C. these dreams are less likely to be remembered.
D. external sounds play an equally important role in dreaming.

9) The sounds that we hear within our dreams are a result of

A. sounds occurring around us.
B. sounds inside our ear canal.
C. sounds distinguishable only in sleep.
D. both internal and external sounds.

10) The author’s attitude toward the study of dreams is that it is a subject best characterized as

A. mysterious.
B. limited.
C. complicated.
D. simple.

PECAHAN 2: Tatabahasa (Grammar) Bahasa Inggeris

Bahagian ni memang pecah belah betul. Anda kena study semula sedikit asas grammar.

Asasnya, terdapat 8 pecahan dalam pecahan 2 ini, yakni :

  1. Pronoun (Kata Ganti)
  2. Noun (Kata Benda)
  3. Verb (Kata Kerja)
  4. Adjective (Kata Sifat)
  5. Adverb (Kata Keterangan)
  6. Determiner (kami lupa haha)
  7. Preposition (Kata Depan)
  8. Conjunction (Kata Hubung)

Teknik Menjawab Pecahan 2

  • Tiada jalan mudah
  • Persediaan anda disini adalah dengan mengingati kembali pelajaran grammar Bahasa Inggeris semasa belajar dulu.

Untuk menambah kefahaman anda, kami sertakan contoh soalan SPA Online jenis Grammar (pecahan 2) di bawah. Cuba cari sendiri jawapannya. Sebagai latih tubi anda.

Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA : Grammar

1) I have only a _______________ Krismas cards left to write.

A. few
B. fewer
C. less
D. little

2) The sentence below does not have any punctuation. Choose the option with the correct punctuation.

i am a good runner

A. i am a good runner.
B. I am a good runner
C. Im a good runner.
D. I am a good runner.

3) May Leng _________________ English, Mandarin and a bit of Arabic.

A. speaks
B. speak
C. speaking
D. is speaking

4) Please read the following sentence.

Once Sharifah lifted her pen and made a start, writing the essay became easy.

If we change the start of the sentence to:

Writing the essay became easy…

What will the ending be?

A. after starting.
B. after lifting her pen.
C. once Shuhadah lifted her pen and made a start.
D. once she lifted her pen and made a start.

5) Where _____________________ Ahmad Fahmi live?

A. are
B. is
C. do
D. does

6) A tour leader needs to be a gregarious person.

The word gregarious in the above sentence means:

A. well-travelled
B. retiring
C. adaptable
D. chatty
E. companionable

7) Choose the option which will best replace the underlined words in the sentence to make it correct.

She done it to quick, so it came out looking rough.

A. done it too quickly
B. did it too quick
C. did it too quickly
D. did it to quickly

Haa.. Mcm mna? Dapat jawapan dia tak?

Untuk yang dah ada Rujukan Seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris, sila semak semula mukasurat 60 – 64. Kita bagi nota ringkas dan contoh-contoh (serta jawapan) untuk semua 8 pecahan dalam soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris.

Rujukan Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Untuk yang belum ada, kami suggest anda dapatkan segera rujukan di bawah!

Rujukan Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris
Beli Rujukan Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Mungkin ada yg bertanya:

Rujukan ni sesuai tak untuk dijadikan bacaan tambahan dan bahan latih tubi untuk calon PSEE Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 CGSO (calon Sabah) dan Penolong Pegawai Penyelidik Q29 pada 28 April 2021 ni?

Jawapannya adalah:

Iya. Oleh keraa rujukan extra Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ini bersifat umum dan sesuai dijadikan bahan ulangkaji untuk hampir kesemua peperiksaan online. Ini termasuklah jawatan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 CGSO (calon Saah) dan jawatan Penolong Pegawai Penyelidik Q29.

Cara tempah :

  1. Klik Rujukan Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris.
  2. Scroll ke bawah, klik ‘Pilih Rujukan Anda’
  3. Scroll ke bawah, pilih Pilihan SINGLE #3’ (yg kaler kuning/gold tu).
  4. Scroll ke bawah,masukkan emel dan klik ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  5. Pada halaman seterusnya, tak perlu isi ruangan ‘cupon’ tu. Lengkapkan billing information dan klik butang ‘complete your order’.
  6. Di laman seterusnya, pilih online banking anda, tick kotak yg ada dan klik ‘pay’.
  7. Kemudian, anda kena login ke MyBSN atau CIMBClicks atau apa-apa internet banking anda utk selesaikan bayaran.
  8. Anda akan menerima emel yg mengandungi link download rujukan dlm tempoh 1-2 jam.

Mengandungi bukan setakat contoh soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris yang banyak, malah merangkumi pecahan-pecahan yang sudah bincangkan di atas serta dilengkapi skema jawapan. Anda akan tahu setiap jawapan yang betul untuk setiap soalan!

Jadi anda akan berada dalam MOOD SUPER SEDIA untuk sukses Seksyen B KEFAHAMAN BAHASA INGGERIS ini.

Ingat! SEKSYEN B Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA ini tak susah kalau anda dah faham bagaimana ianya dinilai. Tapi kami juga tak cakap ianya mudah ya.

Syhhhh.. Tak ramai pun yang tahu ‘pecahan dalam pecahan’ penilaian ini. Ingat ya, ada 2 PENILAIAN dalam SEKSYEN B ini.

Biar lah orang lain tak tahu, tapi anda tahu! Lagipun, bukan ramai sangat pon yang baca blog kami ni. Jadi memang rezeki andala.

Tapi Mahal Sangat La Rujukan Ni..

Yup, memang mahal. Pergghh.. RM40 tu!

Cuma, bila fikir2 balik. Ia masih murah sesangat bila dibandingkan faedah dan manfaat yang akan anda perolehi kelak (andai berjaya dapat keja).

Dan, ia masih tak semahal smartphone anda (yg harga beribu tu). Think about it..

Akhir kata..

Demikianlah sedikit huraian dan beberapa contoh soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris yang akan anda hadapi nanti. Untuk makluman, perbincangan kita di atas baru meliputi dua (2) pecahan saja. Dan belum menyentuh 8 pecahan lain!

Contoh soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris yang kami bawakan ini bukanlah soalan sebenar. Hanya sebagai rujukan sahaja.

Selamat menduduki peperiksaan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris dan kami doakan kejayaan anda!

FAQ Mengenai Rujukan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Adakah seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ini ditanya dalam semua exam SPA?

Iya. Boleh dikatakan hampir kebanyakan exam SPA Gred 19, Gred 29 dan Gred 41 ada seksyen ini. Kecuali exam untuk gred 11.

Adakah rujukan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ini adalah soalan bocor?

Tidak sama sekali. Ini hanya rujukan yang mengandungi latih tubi dan nota-nota padat untuk study.

Apakah cara terpantas mendapatkan rujukan ini?

Klik rujukan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris. Ikuti arahan di laman tempahan. Pilih pembayaran menggunakan Billplz / online banking. Selepas bayaran disahkan. Rujukan akan dihantar melalui emel kepada anda dalam tempoh 1 – 2 jam sahaja.

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