What is Job Interview?

What is Job interview? The job interview is the last step of the hiring process and the most important. It is crucial as it gives the opportunity for the interviewer as a company representative and the candidate to have a meeting to evaluate whether the candidate is qualified for the job and fits in the company’s aspiration.

What is Job interview?

Interview can be the most nerve-wracking yet most critical part for the job hunters. Apart from having an excellent grade, great resume or outstanding working experiences, interview will be the last part to convince the interviewer that he/she is the best candidate. The candidate that can perform well during the interview session will have high chances of being hired.

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The interview is a two-way process which provides an opportunity to exchange information between the employer and the job applicant. During the interview, the candidate can describe their experiences, skills and get an overview of the company.

At this time, communication skills and how well they perform will be evaluated. To present the best of what they have for the interviewer will need a good preparation and revision before the interview.

On the other hand, the interviewer will used this opportunity to gather more additional information about the candidate which is not provided in the resume or cover letter.

They aims to determine the candidate suitability for the position and the organization by finding out more details on their personality, communication skills, experiences and career goals. Furthermore, the interviewer will also attempt to find out what motivates the candidate and whether he/she is a leader or the follower. Only the best candidate will be selected for the position.

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There a few types of job interview included screening interview, selection interview, group interview, panel interview and stress interview. The screening interview is to screen or to select candidate that meet the minimum qualification requirement for the job before they proceed to the next step.

These types of interview may take place in person or by telephone conversation. Secondly, the selection interview is the steps which select the best candidate among the others. The employers need to know whether the candidate have the personality or the specific requirement needed to fit in the job position.

Meanwhile, the group interview will have several candidates at once with an interviewer on interviewers. Usually this kind of interview will look at the team work value and to separate the leaders from the followers. The panel interview is an interview between the candidate and several people or interviewers.

Lastly, the stress interviews are usually used to analyses the candidate’s ability to handle stressful situations. The interviewer may try to create stress into the candidate by asking hard or weird questions. It is a technique sometimes used to eliminate those who cannot handle harsh working environment and condition’

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It is important for the interviewer or the candidate to make a preparation before the interview. The candidate may have to do some homework or revision regarding the company and the position offered as much as possible. Browse through the prospective employer’s website and gather as much information of the company.

Meanwhile, the interviewers should have the target or specific criteria to look for the best candidate that fit in the job qualification and requirement.

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